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The start

November 21, 2008

Well the blog is called “The Programming Journeyman”, so the journey had to start somewhere right?

So I asked myself “When did my journey start?”

My first job as a System Administrator. No …
My first college computer course. Don’t think so …
My first programming class in high school. Getting close …
Seventh grade math class. BINGO!

I can actually remember the exact moment I realized that math was starting to click. When the teacher was passing out a quiz or test from the day before. I sat at my desk smugly waiting for the quiz or test that I knew I aced. When he finally gave me the paper I looked at it with a satisfied look on my face. This moment was the moment that solidified my future in the field of the sciences.

From that point on, I was in the upper level math classes and finally took a programming class in high school after hearing about it from friends. In this class I got my first thrill of finishing a program and having it work. The sense of accomplishment and excitement was amazing. I was hooked.

That is where my journey started and now begins a new chapter as I move forward by using this forum to broaden my horizons.


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