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Newly Found Apprecation

January 15, 2009

Over the past couple weeks I was given a report that needed to be compiled for the month. I am still in the process of putting this behemoth together. This has not be one of my favorite tasks since starting in August of 2007. Actually it has probably been my least favorite, however, two great things have and still can come from this tough task.

  1. I now have a new found appreciation for my job and I realize how much I actually enjoy programming. After spending all my time in OpenOffice and Microsoft Office for the last few days the view of a Linux terminal and my IDE is a sight for sore eyes. After hounding people over the phone and through email it is nice to chat about programming and computer with my fellow developers on our jabber server and in person.
  2. I have been given a chance to innovate the process and morph it into something that is easier to use and compile. The challenge is to find a way to get people to contribute and make it easy to compile. So how can this be done.

My idea is to host a blog on our intranet for employees to use. This will create a central location for all of the weekly reports. This makes creating, viewing, and compiling reports easier sense it is in one location. With blogging the reports it makes archiving the data much easier.

This idea steamed from my current interactions with blogs (both reading and writing). In a number of articles and formums programmers seem to be using blogs as a method of high level documentation. So this seemed like something we should at least give a try. The boss gave it a go ahead and we will be iplementing the procedure as soon as we can get it setup and tested.

I got a chance to be creative in trying to solve a non-programming problem where management will be able to see it as a clear success or failure. However, putting the report together gave me a newly found apprecation for programming and made me realize I enjoy it.

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