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Team Building

February 10, 2009

Our development team at work has been playing basketball on Fridays with other people on the base (Wallops Flight Facility). This was a good chance to blow some steam and have a good time.

Recently we started lifting weights on Mondays and Wednesdays. Lifting weights and basketball are all good team building exercises that help build better communication and team skills.
I was wondering what other developers did to build a better team. So, I posted a question on Stackoverflow. Here is the Question.
I got some good answers but I think the general theme was as long as the team is doing something together then it will help. If it is have a cup of tea, gaming at lunch, and going to a bar. These were all great answers but the answer that I accepted was a little different. He basically said

Having fun is good but team cohesion is key. Shared success, mutual respect, and relying on each others contributions. *

* – This was paraphrased. The original was written by sam.

My final recommendations:
  1. Cohesion – Make sure the team members can trust each other.
  2. Purpose – Does everyone have a purpose? Is everyone satisfied with their position in the team?
  3. Fun – Have fun. Remember “All work and no play makes johnny a dull boy” – The Shining

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