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New Form of Motivation

December 8, 2009

I discovered a new motivation software books.

Sports, biographies, and non-fiction stories of heroic or all-inspiring feats do not have any affect on me in the least. I never thought I would never enjoy reading software books, but I have grown to enjoy immensely.
It started with Code Complete and motivating me to write better code, to think about writing better code, to analyze my code, and to just think about being a better coder. This book brought my programming to the next level. Before I started reading Code Complete I felt like my skills and interest were leveling off.
The book that prompted this post and has reignited my motivation to get going my my side project is Get Real. I have not finished the first chapter, but I am hooked and have a renewed vigor for my profession and side projects.
These books made programming fun and interesting again.
I look forward to reading Design Patterns just as much as The Caves of Steel*. I also look forward to more inspiring and motivating software related book.
* The Caves of Steel will be my next read followed by Design Patterns.

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