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Geek Culture in a Programmer

January 4, 2011

“What do you like to do outside of work?” is a very popular question in interviews and I think it is a very important question to ask.

If a potential programmer that you are interviewing it not interested in building computers or hardware in general there might be a problem.  This is part of the culture and every programmer should be able to build a computer with little to no outside help.

Gadgets, technology, and science should all be interests of software developers.  These are essential interests and skills that will help in all avenues of a developers career.

Other interests that couldn’t hurt:

  • board games (Catan, Risk) – critical thinking
  • family tech-support – you need to understand not everyone is tech-savvy
  • role-playing games (D&D) – creativity
  • video games – problem solving
  • science – it is computer science
  • comics – just fun to read

Less obvious hobbies and interests are also good.  Having a balanced work and personal life is essential.


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