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Questions about Hiring

January 21, 2011

I have absolutely no experience in hiring.  But I have some questions.


  1. How do you get HR to bring in talent and not people with technologies for interviews?
  2. How do you refactor the process, so HR can become better at recognizing talent?
  3. How do you move this to the development abstraction layer?

I have a few ideas on these questions, but again I have no experience hiring.


  1. I honestly have no idea.
  2. Explain that technologies are not important.  You are interested in projects, open source contributions, StackOverflow reputation, and any other attributes that you associate with passion and talent.  After an interview have a 1:1 with your HR and explain why the interviewee worked or did not work.  This would include personality traits and resume flags.
  3. Hopefully with time and the refactoring process the hiring process will become easier and move as much as possible to the abstraction layer.  You want this in the layer, so your team can kick ass and not worry about hiring.

I would not call these answers, but hopefully these questions will make you think about you hiring process and help make it better.


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