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Pushed Beyond Your Comfort Zone

February 8, 2011

Last week I was uncomfortable worried and wondering if I had the right stuff to call myself a software engineer

I was being pushed out of my comfort zone.  Management wanted to see progress and they wanted to see it now.  I was using a new framework and language in a new job with new people but they still put the pressure on and I am thankful.

Having that pressure forced me to really focus on my task and understand what my problem was.  Instead of just looking for a solution and pasting in the code I took my time to understand the problem and discovered the solution.

By spending more time building a better understanding of the problem I was also learning more about the framework, language, and the project.  Taking my time to do this has helped in all other issues that I have worked on.  I am completing features and fixing bugs much faster and effectively than expected.

If you want to succeed above expectations make sure to do the ground work first and really understand what you are working on.  This has also been a great motivator and ego boost.


I did deleiver and things are crusing now that I have a much firmer grasp of the project.

Being pushed like this on a regular basis can also be a bad thing.  Having the pressure always on can lead to burn outs and unhappy people.  So the practice should be used wisely.


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