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"We only hire the BEST!"

February 10, 2011

Most companies say they hire the best people.  We only hire the top people in the industry.  If this is true why are there so many companies doing awesome things.

It is because the top and best people is relative.  Companies have unique wants and interests.  So, the best people for a particular company will have similar interests and skills as the company.

It is also a communication and relationship thing.  Maybe your “worst” developer just has a different way of communicating or doesn’t enjoy building desktop application. He or she could end up being the best developer at another company and that is perfectly fine.  There is nothing wrong with either party. They are just different.

I want to hear a company say something like this

“We don’t hire the top people in the industry; we hire the best people for the job and our company.”

There is more to a person than technical skills and a programming record.


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