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Set Developers Up to Win

March 24, 2011

If you are a manager of developers you must set them up to succeed.

Developers need the proper tools, support, and expectations to be all that you want them to be.  If there is disorganization in the project, in the team, or in the company than

There are three things that developers need when starting a project.  This project could be in the middle of development or could be starting tomorrow.

  • Project Manager.  This individual does not have to actually be the project manager but they need to be the person that knows the specifications of the project front and back.  Questions like ‘How should inputting the account data work?’, ‘Do we need a pie chart or a bar chart?’, and ‘Do they want a tabbed interface or a sidebar?’
  • Technical Lead.  If there is an existing code base then this person is essential.  Without having some direction new developers can be lost in a sea of abstraction and new technologies.
  • Proper Expectations.  This is going to change on experience and how the first couple weeks unravel.  Is the new developer really getting it or do they need some extra attention or some training?

When bringing in new developers or moving existing developers to a new project make sure they have what they need to succeed.  By providing essential tools and support will allow your developers to be productive, happy, and create awesome.


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