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May 27, 2011

MenderD3 was a team project that I worked on with another classmate ( in our computer graphics class in college.

The desktop application is a viewer for quake models that allows various manipulations of quake md3 models.  It was written in both C and C++.  The user interface was written using the Qt framework (C++) and the underlying graphic implementations were written in C.

This project was the most beneficial part of my college career besides working at the university as a Linux administrator.  This is when I really grasp the concept of object oriented programming, self documenting code, good commenting, and code readability.

OOP is a core concept in the majority of modern computer languages and if you don’t understand the core concepts then it is much harder to succeed in the industry.  Having code that is readable and easy to follow is another key to being successful as a developer.  If people can not understand your code than it is hard to maintain and that makes working in a team environment very difficult.

Without this project I don’t think my programming skills would be where they are today.  So, I would like to thank my classmate for the idea and for helping build not only the project but my skill set.

I have recently pushed the source to github and you can find it here.


MenderD3 Screenshot


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