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Changes and Progression

February 24, 2012

Drive has been my primary bottleneck when working on my programming related side projects.  In the past few weeks that has changed and it is due to two things: making changes and visual progression.


Recently on a collaborative project there was a change made from Ruby.On.Rails to Python and Django.  This change really seemed to re-invigorate the group and a lot of progress has been made and the future is looking much more promising then a couple weeks ago.  Just by making this change the whole groups’ enthusiasm, drive, and interest has blossomed.  Now the challenge is keeping the momentum going.


Seeing that progress does two things builds confidence which bleeds into all avenues of life and creates a drive to use the confidence to start seeing progress in all those avenues.  Start doing something that you really enjoy and try to find a way to view your progress.  Having a way to visualize and monitor the progression will help greatly building that confidence.  Just get the ball rolling and dig in.


It is going to be hard and it should be.

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